How to Fix HP Pavilion Blue Screen at Startup

In the middle of several laptop glitches, one issue which most occurs and hampers users the most is Blue Screen Error. The system unexpectedly stops reacting and is swapped by a complete blue color on your laptop or computer device screen. Occasionally, an error message is also stated on the screen. This error is also reported by the HP laptop users, is the number one electronics brand in the world with the number of extraordinary features gain trust in this brand. But, no technology is error-free, hence HP Pavilion users also faced the Blue screen errors. However, this error can be eradicated from top-to-toe by taking help from the HP Assistant. 
Most of the time, this blunder is connected to hardware or driver issues. Here in this guide, we will describe the most common causes which triggered the HP Pavilion Blue Screen at Startup and try to give the solution for the same. Keep reading the blog until the end. 
Causes behind BSOD error
Overheating due to too much load
If you use your device more than its ability chances are high for arising the BSOD error in HP laptop. If you are using a high CPU, playing huge size games or running heavy applications at one time, it can trigger the blue screen error on your device. Consequently, you should quit all apps, games, and programs and try to restart the device.
The Anonymous Virus
The virus is the root problem of any device. Therefore, an unknown virus can be the ground for the death of a screen in your HP laptop and you must check the device for viruses, spyware, malware or other infections from time to time. The signs of having a mute virus on your HP laptop is non-functional shortcuts to a folder, the deficiency of files, the free space is reducing radically. Consequently, you must clean the virus or infection using a high-quality antivirus.
The Missing drivers
If you haven't downloaded the right set of drivers for the hardware of your HP laptop. Furthermore, ensure that you update the drivers from regular intervals particularly when your upgrade or update the version of your operating system.
Hardware issues
The damaged, untraceable or any damaged hardware can be the cause for the BSOD on your HP Pavilion. Thus, if the hard drive, memory card or any other hardware turn out to be undetectable on your laptop, you must repair or change it with the right one. Moreover, make sure all your hardware supports the apps, and games installed on your HP laptop.
Fix HP Pavilion Blue Screen Issue
In order to resolve the Blue screen error in HP pavilion, follow the below-given steps:
  • Restart your printer
  • Reboot in safe mode
  • install or update drivers
  • Enable your Antivirus
  • Update your OS
The above-given bullet point will surely be going to help you troubleshoot the Blue Screen error on the HP device. In case, even after applying the steps issue stands still, try to get help from experts or check for some hardware expert. 


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